Follow Up Letter for Payment

You have requested payment from a business for the service you provided, but you haven’t heard back from them, and you weren’t paid yet, so now you want to send another follow-up letter for payment. 

Dear {Name}, 

I hope you are doing well. I sent you an email a few days ago requesting payment for the service I provided, but I haven’t heard back from you yet, and the payment hasn’t arrived yet. Based on the call we had/email communication where you expressed your satisfaction with my performance, I can’t think of a reason for payment delays based on my work. 

I do understand that sometimes things come up, and payments can get delayed, so I was wondering if you could check what’s happening with it and let me know if it was sent out, or at least when I can expect to receive it. I also wanted to note that the deadline for it is overdue. 

I would appreciate your help resolving this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. 


[Your name]

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