Follow Up Letter for Application Status Sample

This is a follow-up letter for an application status sample that you can use and send to the employer to check how far along the hiring process is and where you stand. 

Dear {Hiring Manager}

I’m writing to inquire about the status of my job application for the [job], which I submitted on {date}. I just wanted to check if you are still hiring for this position or if it has been filled. I appreciate the time and effort taken to read this email. 

If you would be so kind as to also share what the rest of the hiring process looks like, I would be very grateful. Any additional information you can give would be greatly appreciated as I am really interested in the possibility of working for {Company Name}. It would truly be a dream come true, so pardon my assertiveness and excitement. 

I am also aware that the hiring process may be quite stressful and that employers frequently don’t have the time to notify all applicants. I’m also available for a meeting or phone call whenever it would be more convenient for you if you have any questions about my suitability for this role.
Thank you in advance.

Your eager applicant,

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