Sample Information Request Letter

If you want to ask someone offering services, you can use this sample information request letter to ask for the needed information.

[Sender’s Address] 

[Phone Number],

[City, State, ZIP CODE], 

[Subject: Clarify the objective of the letter, preferably to be written in bold] 


Dear [Reciever’s Name], 

I, [Sender’s name], am composing this letter to acquire information regarding [the topic]. [Add a brief reasoning for wanting the information and how the information is of use to you]. 

It would be much appreciated if you were to provide me with the requested information. 

Please consider my request and provide the requested information in the required format: [Enter the information format]. 

Furthermore, if there are any charges linked to gaining this information, please inform me, as I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for obtaining this information. 

Your prompt attention to my request will be duly appreciated. If you have any questions or information pertaining to this matter, please get in touch with me at the given contact number and address. 


[Sender’s Name].

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