Salary Information Letter

You can use this salary information letter to confirm an employer’s salary to give proof of evidence about the income they make.

[Company Name] 


[Sender’s Name]


[Sender’s Contact Number] 


[Reciever’s Name] 

[Reciever’s Address] 

[Subject: Write the reason for writing the letter in bold here] 

Dear [Reciever’s Name], 

I am composing this letter to verify that [Employee Name] has been a part of our Company, [Company Name], since [Mention Date]. [Employee Name] has been vigilant in his duties, has exhibited excellent behavior, and is an asset to [Company Name]. 

At this time, [Employee] ‘s annual salary is [Mention amount]. In the previous [Mention duration], [Employee] has also earned a monthly commission of nearly [Mention Amount]. [Company] expects him to keep working well and making us proud. 

If you have any more questions regarding [Employee] ‘s employment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [Email Address] or [Contact Number]. 


[Sender’s Name]

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