Introduction Letter To New Neighbors (Sample)

If you’ve got a new neighbor, it’s great to make them feel welcome in their new neighborhood. Here’s an easy template you can use as an introduction letter to new neighbors.

Dearest [name],

I heard you recently bought a new home for your family and I am really happy for you. My name is (name) and I have lived in the neighborhood for (years). This definitely calls for a celebration because I know you will be taking care of your house.

I am aware that moving all your stuff from your old house to your new one can be a challenging task. Thus, if you need anybody’s help in carrying all your items then I am your man. Besides, not only will I help you, I will also lose a lot of calories when I lift all those heavy things.

I experienced moving to a new home before too. Thus, if you run into any problems, shoot me a text message and I’ll gladly help you out.



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