Cease And Desist Letter To Original Creditor

Here is a simple template you can use to write a cease and desist letter to your original creditor.

To whom it may concern:

As of this moment, I am ordering to cease collection of my current debt. This is the end of the line for our business relationship. I have decided to move on to another creditor due to reasons I can’t reveal right now. Hope this doesn’t ruin our professional relationship.

I feel like this is the best way to solve this problem. I consulted many experts regarding this matter. This decision is also final and there is no way I will change it unless a miracle happens.

Hope you understand why I’m doing this. If you choose to ignore this letter, I will have no choice but to file a complaint and take legal action against you. This is not a threat in any form as it is merely stating a fact. I will definitely choose to do what is right especially if it means doing things I’ve never done before.


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