Contract of Sale of Goods Template (Sample)

Here is a sample template you can use to write a contract of sale of goods.

This is a contract wherein the buyer (name) of (city) and seller (name) of (name) enter into an agreement. The buyer agrees to purchase a (item) for the amount of (price).

There is no warranty for this product. Thus, if the product appears to be broken then it is not the fault of the seller. It would be up to the buyer to get it fixed.

The buyer should never claim the item was bought from another seller. This will lead to serious legal problems. The seller has all the right to claim the item is theirs and nobody else’s. After all, the seller spent a lot of money to produce the item so it is only fair for them to do that.

The buyer also concedes to the fact that the item has been thoroughly examined. The seller did everything in their power to ensure the item is in great condition. Besides, if the seller releases a faulty item, they know their reputation will be damaged.

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