Holiday Letter to Family

Prior to the invention of computers, sending festive letters to family members was a common practice. If you want to be unique, try writing a holiday letter to family yourself. 

Dear Family, 

We hope this letter finds you all doing well. It has been an eventful year and we wanted to take a moment to reach out and say hello! 

This year has certainly been filled with challenges but we are happy that despite it all, our family has remained close-knit as ever. We are grateful to have had so many wonderful memories together, even if they may have been a bit different than usual. 

We look forward to the holidays and all the joyous festivities that come with it! We can’t wait to catch up over a glass of eggnog or some delicious snacks. 

As we prepare to enter a new year, we can’t help but be filled with hope and anticipation. We are excited for all the possibilities that await us as we reunite with one another in 2021. 

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a joyous New Year!

With love, 

{Your Name}

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