Georgia HOA Estoppel Letter

Here is a sample template you can use to write a Georgia HOA Estoppel Letter.

[Name of] Homeowners Association
Mr. _____,
Address ___________________________________________.

RE: HOA Estoppel Letter for Property number ______.

It is to certify that Mr. ___________ has paid all the delinquent amount payable for his property no ______, according to the state property laws in Georgia.

There are no other remaining fees, fines, or assessments which Mr._ owes to the [name of] Homeowners Association.
It is all that he owes to the HOA till the month of [month/ year]. He has also paid an additional $20 for the preparation of the Estoppel letter for this property.

For further details you can contact the office of [name of] Homeowners Association.
Office Address: _________________________.
Office Phone Numbers: _____________________________________________.
Email address: _____________________________.

Thank You,
[Name of board member]

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