Follow Up Letter for Salary

You have requested your earned salary, and the business is late with the payment. You want to send a follow-up letter for salary, and this is the perfect template you can use. 

Dear {Manager}, 

I hope you are doing well. I sent an inquiry a few days back regarding the salary, which I still haven’t received. I haven’t heard back from you, and the payment didn’t go through in the meantime wasn’t paid. 

I understand that sometimes things come up, and payments can get delayed, so I was wondering if you could check what’s happening with my salary and let me know if it was sent out.
OPTION AL: I also wanted to remind you of the set deadline for payout according to our contract, which states that the reimbursement shouldn’t be after {date in the month}. 

I would appreciate your help resolving this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. 


{Your name}

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