Complaint Follow Up Letter

You have sent a complaint letter to the company and haven’t received a response or acknowledgment. You want to send them a Complaint Follow Up Letter. Here is a great template that you can customize. 

{Dear Recipient’s Name / To whom it may concern},

I am writing to follow up on my original complaint letter about the poor treatment I have experienced from your employee {employee name} at your company. I have not yet received a response or acknowledgment that you have actually read my complaint or that you plan to do something about it. I would like to know what actions you plan to take to apologize to me for the, to put it mildly, bad experience/customer service.

If I do not hear back from you within a week, I will be forced to take further action. I will go on all review platforms where you are listed and leave a thorough, detailed, negative 1-star review. I am giving you an opportunity here to make this right. 

I would appreciate a response from you as soon as possible.


[Your Name]

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