Complaint Letter Against a Manager

If you decide to make a formal complaint against your manager, here’s a simple template you can use to write a complaint letter against a manager.

Dear [name],

I am writing to file a formal complaint against [complete name of manager], my manager. Throughout the past [indicate number of months or years] that I have worked in this company, I have remained loyal and feel well-treated by my colleagues, including my manager.

However, it has recently become challenging to maintain a pleasant work attitude because of the unpleasant experiences that I regularly have to go through with my manager. [He/she] has not been recognizing any of my efforts, regardless of how good my work quality was. I really feel that


is deliberately preventing my growth and career development in this company, which I feel is extremely discouraging.

I find that [he/she] has not been reasonable and has even been timing my well-deserved [lunch/smoke/comfort room] breaks. I believe that there isn’t a company policy empowering a manager to impose limits on their subordinates in using the comfort room. I find this situation very unfair.

I would like to request for assistance on this matter and request that I be placed on a different team. Thank you very much for your investigating this concern on my behalf.


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