Performance Appraisal Complaint Letter (Sample)

If you believe that you’ve received an unfair performance evaluation or review, here’s a template you can use to write a performance appraisal complaint letter.

Dear [human resourceofficer or supervisor’s boss],

I am writing to file a formal complaint with regard to an evaluation I received from [Name of evaluator] on [data received]. I believe that the evaluation was unfairly conducted and does not accurately reflect my work. I specifically found the inaccuracies to be present at the [indicate the areas/sections] of the evaluation form.  In my opinion, the evaluator did not do a good job in reviewing my records when [he/she] wrote it.

I would like to request for a review of my evaluation and consider the actual work I do. I believe that you fill find the results to be quite different.

Thank you for lending me your extra time to address this concern.


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