Delinquent HOA Dues Letter

If a home owners association member is behind on their HOA payments, here is a sample template you can use to write a delinquent HOA dues letter.

Name of Homeowners Association.
[State/ County]

Address: ____________________________________________________.
RE: HOA Delinquent Dues Letter.

Dear Mr. ________,

We noticed that you haven’t paid your HOA dues [amount] that were due on [date].

Upon becoming a part of [name of] HOA, you are liable to pay all the dues and assessments pertaining to your property. In this regard, we send monthly bills to all homeowners for their convenience. The payment made by homeowners is used for the maintenance of the neighborhood and the functioning of the community.

We value your membership in our association and hope that your dues will be paid immediately.

Best Regards,

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