PTA Fundraising Letter

As you sit down to write your PTA fundraising letter, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. You want to come across as professional and courteous in order to persuade your reader to donate money. With that in mind, here are how to strike the right tone in your PTA fundraising letter.

Dear {parent name},

We’re excited to have you join us for the new academic year at {name of the school}! We want to remind you that the {PTA name} is beginning its membership campaign, and you are more than welcome to participate.

We want to remind you that due to the involvement of parents and monthly membership fees, we were able to give five students who were accepted into regional and national colleges scholarships. These kids have demonstrated their abilities and knowledge by achieving stellar marks and actively participating in school and community events. 

For a better understanding of how PTA works, read the text below, and you will see how donations and fees can seriously change someone’s life.

Additional scholarships for deserving kids will be funded by your PTA membership fees this year.

This year, we also need assistance with planning and executing two annual fundraising events, which will ensure we gather money for educational tools.

A Parent Teacher Association’s (PTA) main responsibility is raising money for your kids’ education. Although we are aware that not everyone has the time to partake in these activities.

Because of this, we want to provide you the option of choosing how much information you need and how often should we reach out to you.

If you choose to participate, there is a link for online donation {put donation link}, also, you can contact us via email or phone if you want to make a cash donation. 

Visit our membership website to learn more {URL to membership page}.


{PTA Name}

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