Fundraiser Letter to Parents

Fundraising for schools is a 24/7 endeavor! Thanks to the close-knit community that schools tend to be, every parent wants the best for their child. Use that common desire to your advantage by making it simple for them to participate and conveying your demands plainly. Here’s how you can write a fundraiser letter to parents.

Hi {name}

Your assistance is needed by {School}! 

We put a lot of effort towards giving our children the best extracurricular and educational opportunities every year, but we can’t do it alone. Recently, we have been forced to [provide one or two concrete examples, such as reducing after-school programs, etc.] due to our low budget. But we are confident that our community will work with us to close the gap.

Would you be willing to donate {amount} to our fund in support of {purpose of your campaign}?

If you’d like to get started, please click here to access our donation page: {Include URL}.

Or, get in touch with us to discuss the requirements of our school and how you might participate.

Do not overlook it! We hope to see you at [your school’s next event, such as a fall festival] soon! Buy your tickets right away: {Include an exact URL}.

Together, we can keep creating an excellent learning environment for our children at the school. 



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