Fundraiser Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship letter is a little more formal because asking a company to sponsor your event is actually like setting up a partnership. In order for the business to contemplate giving a sizeable gift, you must provide them with something in exchange, typically favorable publicity at your events or online. So, here’s how to write a good fundraiser sponsorship letter.

Hi {name of the company or a person}

My name is {name}, and I work as a {your position} for the nearby nonprofit organization { name of the organization}.

If you’re unfamiliar with our organization, we {briefly describe your mission} and {provide a few examples of your recent impact}. In fact, we raised more than {fundraising total} for our cause last year.

I’m contacting you now because I believe that the goals and principles of our organizations coincide. Through more consistent funding for our work and more effective marketing of your brand to our devoted audience of supporters, a partnership might tremendously benefit both of us.

Please feel free to learn more about current initiatives of our organization at {link to website} and don’t be afraid to contact us at {Email or phone number}. 

We always look forward to collaborating with new members of the neighborhood!

Best regards,

{Name and position}

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