Fundraising Letter

If you are a part of a charity and need to send a letter to your supporters asking for a donation, a fundraising letter is a way to go, and here’s how you can write one. 

Hi {name}

We would like to thank you for being an important piece of our community, and we want to express how extremely proud we are of our recent work on {specifics regarding prior activities}.

But we work nonstop to fulfill our mission of [briefly describe the mission of your company]. And to keep working, we require your assistance. {specific examples of your demands. What is the purpose of your letter to them?}

We have been able to {provide one or two examples of the influence of your organization from previous campaigns}. However, because we are a charity, we are totally dependent on community assistance. Without contributors, volunteers, and community supporters like you, none of our initiatives would be feasible.

Would you kindly think about contributing {an amount} to help us {link to the requirements of the upcoming project}?

Please check out our donation page if you’d like to make a donation.

We sincerely appreciate any and all help. We’re just eager to start working! 


{name and position}

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