New Contact Information Letter

As a company, if you change contact information and need to update your clients, you can use this new contact information letter to tell them about your new address.

[Recipient’s Name] 

[Recipients Address] 

[City, State, ZIP] 


[Subject: Mention the subject of your letter. Best to write the subject in bold] 

Dear [Recipient], 

I hope you are doing well. Being the [Sender’s Designation], I, [Sender’s Name], am composing this letter to inform you about the new contact details of our company, [Company name]. 

Following the [Date], the last contact details that may be present in your records might become invalid due to [mention the reasons]. Hence, after the [Date], the Company address will switch to a new address. Please consider following up with the new contact details as mentioned below to avoid any miscommunication or lost information: 

[Mention the new contact details here] 

We want to apologize if the updation of our records causes you any inconvenience. I sincerely hope that this letter proves to be of help to you. Here is to hoping that the information in this letter will make it easier for you to contact us and shall only bear seamless communication! 


[Sender’s Name] 


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