HOA Board Member Removal Letter (Example)

If you would like to inform your members about the removal of a homeowners association board member, here is a sample template you can use to write a HOA board member removal letter.

The Board of Governors,
[name of HOA]

[Recipient’s Name]
Date: _____.

Dear Homeowners,
It is to notify that Mr. ____ is removed from his position in the [name of]HOA board. He was working as a Secretary for Financial Affairs [change the post subsequently]. His name was removed after the Board of Directors noticed that he was not fulfilling his duties in the best interest of the HOA.

We are now looking for a new fit for this position on the [name of] Homeowners Association board. The homeowners and residents of [name of] HOA should not contact him for any matters that are directly related to the Homeowners Association.


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