Company Credit Letter

If you engage in imports and exports business, you can use this Company Credit Letter to show your intention to complete payment upon delivery.

[Your Company’s Name]

[Your Company’s Address]

[City, State and Zip Code]


[Company’s Name]

[Company’s Address]

[City, State and Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name]

Reference: Extension of Line of Credit

[Company’s Name] would like to request to extend a line of credit with [Company’s Name]. Having been in business together for over [Years], we believe our impressive track record on regular payments and loyalty is proof of our commitment to keeping this business relationship going.

Owing to [Reason for Credit], our company has encountered temporary difficulties in completing your payments. We will clear all outstanding balances on or before [Date]. Please find attached all necessary bank documents. Thank you for your consideration.


[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]

[Designation in the Company]

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