Agreement Letter Between Two Parties

When two parties agree on a matter, they can use this Agreement Letter Between Two Parties to formalize their agreement and state agreement terms.

Contract of Agreement between [Parties’ Names]

This agreement letter has been entered between [First Party] of identification number [Number] and [Second Party] of identification number [Number]. The agreement is on [Matter Agreed Upon]. Each party is expected to meet the terms of the agreement to the extent of their liability.

The agreement will take effect on [Date] and will remain enforceable until [Date]. The witnesses to this agreement are [List of Witnesses]. The terms of the agreement are [List the terms of agreement]. All amounts shall be paid by each party as agreed. The first party shall pay [Amount], and the second party shall pay [Amount].

The contract will be terminated upon breach by any party involved.

[First Party’s Signature and Name]

[Second Party’s Signature and Name]

Witnesses Signature and Name]


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