Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

If you’re applying for a position in the administration, here is a sample template for an administrative assistant cover letter to show your interest in the position.

[Hiring recipient’s Name]

[Company adresss]

[Company City, State]

[Hiring Manager’s Email Adresss]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am pleased to submit my application for the administrative assistant position at [Company’s Name]. My skill set and experience match your requirements, and I am confident that I will fill this role perfectly.

I have previously held this position at [Previous employer], and I was a critical part of the team. My responsibilities included keeping proper digital records of all business operations, ensuring the office was well organized, increasing efficiency, and training other assistants at the company. I was also responsible for maintaining all confidential documents at my company.

I achieved many goals in this position, and I believe I will achieve even more while working with you. I would love an opportunity to join your able team at [Hiring Company] and put my skills and experience to good use. I am looking forward to a positive response regarding my candidacy from you.


[Applicant’s Name]

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