Relationship Advice Letter

When giving relationship advice, you can use this Relationship Advice Letter to inform the recipient on what you think is the best strategy for them.

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing in regards to your request for relationship advice following the fallout between you and your fiancé. I have looked into the matter that led to your separation, and it appears to have been quite serious. Relationships are important, and [Reason for Separation] is often irredeemable.

However, with the love that both of you have for each other, I believe you can work through anything. This is only a small hurdle in your great love journey, and you will overcome it. I advise you to see a relationship counselor as it will help you look deep and find what causes these differences to arise.

I understand that you currently live separately. You both need space to look through all the good times you have shared. I believe you will reconcile and get back together soon.


[Sender’s Name]

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