Goodbye Letter To Parents From Teacher

If you are a teacher and will be leaving a school, you can use this Goodbye Letter To Parents From Teacher to inform parents and thank them for their support.

Dear Parents,

With a heavy heart, I inform you I will no longer be the teacher for [Grade Name] at [School’s Name]. I have taught your children for [Duration] at this school, and many of you have become close to family for me. Your children have motivated me to get up every day and inspire them to learn and become the best they can be.

I have also enjoyed interacting with all of you in different capacities. You were all very understanding and cooperative. I cannot ask for better parents for these children. Remember that you will always remain a close and dear part of my life even as I leave.

I will miss you and all the children. If you wish to contact me, please reach out on my mobile [#] or email [Email Address].

Best Regards,

[Teacher’s Name]

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