Farewell Letter To Clients

If you are no longer responsible for a company client, you can use this Farewell Letter To Client to inform them and highlight the way forward.

Dear Valued Client, [Client’s Name],

As I communicated through a phone call on [Date], your accounts will no longer be under my management. I will also not be available to assist you in all capacities I previously did. I will be leaving [Company’s Name] as I take on a new role at [Company’s Name].

I thank you for the [Duration] years of friendship and belief. You have helped me achieve greater goals and pursue all my interests. I have enjoyed working at [Company’s Name], and as I take on this new challenge, I wish you all the best.

I have handed your details to [Name], and he will be taking over from me. He/She is competent, and I know you will be good to each other.


[Sender’s Name]

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