Employee Agreement Letter

When you agree to employment terms as highlighted by your employer, you can use this Employee Agreement Letter sample template to formalize your agreement.

[Organization’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Employee Agreement with [Name of Employee]]

This employee agreement was entered between [Employee’s Name] and [Company’s Name]. The employee agreement is in effect to the appointment of [Employee’s Name] to the [Position’s Name] that was effected on [Date].

The terms of employment as previously agreed are [List employment terms]. Your roles will be as assigned on your appointment letter, and you will head the [Department’s Name] overseeing [Number] employees on the various assigned projects.

The salary for this position is [Amount] and will be paid on [Date] monthly. You will receive a performance evaluation every [Duration] for promotion consideration. Annual salary increases will depend on evaluation results.

Please find attached all legally binding documents. Ensure they are filled and returned before [Date] for easier employment processing.


[Employer’s Signature]

[Employer’s Name]

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