Tax ID Confirmation Letter

When you need a confirmation from the IRS on your tax identification number, you can write to them through this Tax ID Confirmation Letter to ask.

[Sender’s Name]

[Company’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Email Address]


Internal Revenue Service

Department Of The Treasury

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Fax Number]

Reference: Employer Identification Number Confirmation Request

To Whom It May Concern,

The reason for writing to you is to inquire about [Company’s Name] employer identification number details. I requested the number on [Date] and received it on [Date]. I want to verify that [EIN] is the right number.

Additionally, I request verification on the name attached to the EIN. Please inform me promptly if these submitted numbers match those on your records. Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards,

[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]