Organizational Restructuring Announcement Letter

If you would like to inform your employees about a change in the organizational structure, here is a sample organizational restructuring announcement letter.

Anyone who has been through a company reorganization knows that it can be a trying time. Announcements about changes in management or structure can be met with mixed reactions from employees.

In some cases, restructuring can lead to layoffs and a feeling of insecurity among staff. If you’re responsible for writing an organizational restructuring announcement letter, here is a sample template to help make the process easier.



[Recipient Name]

Subject: Organization Restructuring Announcement

Dear [Recipient Name],

The purpose of this letter is to announce the recent changes in the structure of [Name of the Organization]. In accordance with the current scenario, we have decided to restructure the following [List of Changes in Organization Structure].

With our restructuring, we hope to achieve success in the future. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at [Contact Number].

Thanking You.


[Your Name]