Open Letter to the Government

As citizens, we expect our government to work for us. We elect officials to make decisions on our behalf, and we trust that they will act in our best interest. If you want to express your concerns and frustrations, here’s how you can write an open letter to the government 

Respected Government Representatives

You are probably aware that there have been several media reports regarding the {describe in few details the topic you are concerned about}. 

{Add what kind of consequences this situation has}

As a citizen, I am concerned about this situation, and I would anticipate a quick investigation and the implementation of the necessary corrective measures. {Add additional information as required based on your knowledge and experience} Nothing less from our administration should be expected.

I kindly request that you move quickly to direct the responsible {name agencies}.

I, along with other citizens, rely on your initiative to deal with this pressing issue.


{Insert name, title, or affiliation here}

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