Letter Of Support For Emotional Support Animal

If you are a licensed psychiatrist and recommend that your patient gets a support animal, you can use this Letter Of Support For Emotional Support Animal to issue this decision.

[Psychiatrist’s Name]

[Hospital/Institution’s Name]


[City, State and Zip Code]


To Whom It May Concern

[Patient’s Name] has been my patient for [Duration]. I have worked with him/her through various therapies to make him feel better and interact with others easily and in a friendly manner. This has worked with great success, and I believe it is time for the best step in the therapy process.

I hereby authorize that [Patient’s Name] get an emotional support animal to help with this process. The ideal animal recommended is [Animal Name and Breed]. After looking through his files, I believe this will be beneficial in stress relief and other mental illnesses displayed.

I request that you allow [Patient’s Name] to remain in the company of his ESA. Your assistance in this recovery process will be highly appreciated.


[Psychiatrist Signature]

[Psychiatrist Name]

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