Graduate Application Letter

If you are a recent graduate and want to apply for an open position, you can use this Graduate Application Letter to introduce yourself and market your abilities.

[Applicant’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Email Address]

[Application Date]

[Recipient’s Name]

[Company’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Email Address]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to apply for the [Position] at [Company]. I am a recent graduate and hold a bachelor’s degree in [Degree Name] from [University’s Name]. I am eager to begin my career journey at [Company’s Name], and getting to work with industry leaders like yourself is a huge achievement.

I have always been passionate about [Topic], which was a huge motivator for me to pursue it as a career. It has made me a critical thinker and improved my analytical skills. While at university, I have undertaken several projects, and some have received recognition from key industry players.

I look forward to getting an opportunity to put my knowledge to good use at [Company’s Name]. Thank you for your time and consideration. I have included my resume, and I await your call.


[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]

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