Goodbye Letter to Teacher

There are times during the schooling period when you want to write a farewell letter to your beloved professor. You might want to talk about how they helped you during a specific part of your life, and here is how to write a goodbye letter to a teacher and seem genuine. 

Dear Teacher, 

The entire class of {write down class name} has come together to send you a heartfelt farewell letter as you depart from our school. We want to let you know that you were our best teacher.

We appreciate your guidance and support at every step of our lives. And we have always enjoyed your lessons and sessions. Rather than being just a teacher, you served as more of a friend and mentor for us.

Everyone here will miss you. We hope you feel as comfortable at your new school as you did with us. We wish that the students at that school would show you the same affection as we did. And we hope you’ll always serve as an inspiration to a lot more students that are similar to us. We will miss you. Please stay in touch.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Students of {mention class}

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