Goodbye Letter to Daughter

It can be challenging for parents whose child is moving away from them permanently or temporarily to write a farewell note. No matter who you are writing them to, farewell letters are emotional. Write creatively and in as much detail as you’d like, and here’s a basic structure of how a goodbye letter to daughter should look like:

Dear Daughter,

It has been an honor and a privilege to be your parent. We have loved watching you grow up into an amazing young woman. You have always been so curious and determined, and we know that you will go on to do great things in this world.

We are so proud of the person you have become, and we know that we will always love you no matter what. We hope that you can find happiness in whatever life you choose to lead.

We will miss you terribly, but we know that we will be able to stay in touch through all the wonderful technology available today. And, of course, we will always be with you in spirit.

We love you more than anything in this world and hope that you can feel how much we will always cherish our time together.

Goodbye for now, our beautiful daughter. Know that we will always love you no matter what.


Mom and Dad

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