How Do You Ask Someone Out While Online Dating?

If you have been talking to someone online for a while and you would like to finally meet up, here is how you ask someone out while online dating.

Dear [name],

We have exchanged messages online for the past few months and I can already feel the connection. I am assuming that this will also turn into a nice connection offline for us. Thus, I am asking to formally meet up with you personally. I hope that I have gained your trust as you have definitely gained mine. 

I always look forward to talking to you. You made my life a lot better than it used to be. Nobody has understood me better than you do. No matter how far apart we are from each other, I will definitely make an effort to go to you. Besides, I don’t want you to experience any difficulties in making it to our meeting place.

I am ready to move to the next chapter which is meeting you in person. I was actually shy before but now that we got to know each other, I am curious to know if this will work out.

Sincerely yours,