Federal Government Cover Letter

A strong cover letter is frequently required for jobs in the government or public sector. Therefore, you should also include a note that promotes you as a highly qualified professional and fulfills the agency’s application guidelines. Here’s how to write a professional federal government cover letter

{Name, email, phone, address}


{Manager’s name and agency address}

Dear {name}

Introduce yourself by describing how you learned about the job offer. The introduction might also serve to briefly:

  • Mention the job ID number, the title you are applying for, and any contacts you may have with the employer. 
  • List educational background and relevant experience.
  • Describe accomplishments from your past experience.

Write a few paragraphs outlining your prior employment that is pertinent. 

Additionally, utilize the precise work-related keywords from the job advertisement.

Mention skills you have that can be used in the job you are applying for. 

Thank the employer for the opportunity and time.


{Your name}