Emotional Break Up Letter To Boyfriend

If you would like to write a break up letter to your boyfriend, here is a simple template you can use to write an emotional break up letter to your boyfriend.

Dearest [name]

Truth be told, I have enjoyed every single second I was with you. During all of our ups and downs, we have fought through all of it. I didn’t expect much but you showed me how much you really cared about me. There is no doubt you will marry the person of your dreams. I am confident this person will love you truly, madly and deeply but it’s not me.

I just could not see the spark when the both of us are together. It is not your fault at all as it is more of my call. You don’t deserve somebody who will only love you half-heartedly. You deserve somebody who will definitely love you with all the effort in the world. Thus, I have decided to let you go so that you can be with that person. I just couldn’t bring out the person in me who will love you with how you should be loved.

When the time comes that I see you cuddling with the right person, I will be one happy person. For now, we have to move on. Please know that I am only doing this for our own good.