Coworker Goodbye Letter

Leaving work is never easy, you are not only leaving the company but your coworkers behind. If you have established a special bond with some of them, you should write them a farewell note expressing your feelings. Here’s an example of coworker goodbye letter:

Dear Coworker,

As you may have already heard, I am leaving the company. It’s been a great few years working with all of you, and I will miss having the opportunity to do so. I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye and thank you for everything.

You’ve all been such a big help in my career development, and I really appreciate it. I’ll never forget the times we’ve shared in the office – from chatting about our weekends over lunch to celebrating our successes together. It really has been an honor working with each and every one of you.

I hope that we can keep in touch and that I’ll be able to come back and visit soon. Thank you once again for everything, it has been a privilege being a part of this team.


{Your name}