Cover Letter for Government Job

A compelling job application is necessary if you wish to for the federal government. To beat the competition, you should write a compelling cover letter for a government job. 

{Your name, email, phone, address}


{Name of a hiring manager and agency address}

Dear {name}

Describe your background and how you learned about the job opening in your introduction. The introduction might also serve to briefly:

  • Mention the job announcement ID number, the job title you are applying for, and any contacts you may have with the employer.
  • You should also list your educational background as well as years of professional experience.
  • Describe your excitement for the position and your interest in applying.
  • Describe an exceptional accomplishment or detail from your past experience.

After, write a paragraph that explains your work history that is relevant to the position. If you can, use numbers because they have lasting impressions. 

At the end of your cover letter, thank the employer and include your phone number. 


{Your name}

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