Best Friend Goodbye Letter

If your best friend is leaving and you would like to send them a heartfelt goodbye, you can use this Best Friend, Goodbye Letter to send the message.

Dear [Best Friend’s Name]

As much as I would like us to remain friends forever and stay close to each other, I also accept that things in life must change. Today brings some of those changes, and as we part, I can’t help but remember all the great times we had together. We had our ups and downs, which have made our friendship stronger and our bond closer.

Even as you move to [Location], the distance might separate us, but our hearts will always be one. I will always be a phone call away, and you can call me whenever you need to talk. I wish you all the best in this new part of your life, and I hope you will find every happiness you have been looking for. I am not good at saying goodbye, and I hope this gift will say everything I was unable to.

Take care, best friend. All the best until we meet again.

[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]