Announcements Requests

  1. Requesting for Machine Repair
  2. Reporting Stolen Item
  3. Applying Outside of Department
  4. Requesting for Volunteers
  5. Reporting of Potential Hazards
  6. Requesting for Additional Tasks
  7. Requesting for Additional Training
  8. Requesting for Educational Assistance
  9. Requesting Seminar Fee Reimbursment
  10. Unfavorable Recommendation Letter
  11. Reporting Self – Injury
  12. Inquiry to Reference
  13. Job Non – Acceptance
  14. Introducing Yourself as New Manager
  15. Letter for Rejecting a Candidate Employee after an Interview
  16. Letter Rejecting Counter Offer
  17. Informing Transfer / Promotion within Company
  18. Requesting Insurance Coverage for New Employee
  19. Letter to Cancel a Job Offer after Background Verification
  20. Supporting Employee Immigration Application
  21. Letter Announcing the Retirement of Employee