Academic Advisor Cover Letter

If you are applying for the position of an academic advisor, here is a sample template to use to show interest in the position.

[Recipient’s Name]

[Mobile Number]

[Email Address]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to submit my application for the academic advisor position at [School/Institution Name]. Having worked as an academic advisor before in various leading institutions such as [Schools previously worked at].

 I am well equipped to handle all concerns of students and guide them appropriately. My passion as an educator and building confidence among students will help students at [School Name]. I believe it will also help me deliver my roles at the school better.

My responsibilities included making course schedules, discussing major changes, evaluating college programs, and addressing grade concerns in my previous workstations. I delivered on this excellently while working with over [Student Numbers] students.

I am confident in my skills to deliver the best as an academic advisor at [School Name]


[Applicant’s Name]

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